Yamamoto Rui
Tonbokiri Rui
Japanese Name 山本 瑠偉
Rōmaji Name Yamamoto Rui
Shikona Tonbokiri Rui
Birthday September 11
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 192cm
Weight 163kg
Hair Color
Eye Color Blue
Family Father
Occupation Sumo Wrestler
Manga Debut Chapter 165
Voice Actor

Tonbokiri Rui, considered one of the Three Great Spears, is a professional sumo wrestler.



His seemingly affable appearance hides a ruthless, even cruel character that came from how he was mistreated once he entered the stable he belonged to. He strongly believes that talent and strength are everything, and that people who aren't suited for sumo, either mentally or physically, should quit, which leads him to look down on people like Hakurou and Onikiri, and even has no qualms with hurting others.

Due to that mindset, when someone proves him wrong and is close to beating him, he will lose his cool to the point where he will seriously hurt people to prove his point, yet he is also afraid of being dished out what he gives to others. He's also seen as a sore loser, claiming that he never goes all out in unofficial matches and resenting his loss at the hands of someone he considers to be the complete opposite of a suitable rikishi.

He also seems to hold grudges easily, and likes being praised.



Born to a half-English father and a Japanese mother, he grew up with his mother only due to their divorce. Despite his heritage, he considers himself fully Japanese, to the point where he doesn't speak a single word of English.

In middle school, he'd often get into fights and late night escapades, which continued into his days as a new member of the Mishima stable, where he'd anger his stable master by breaking the curfew.


Major BattlesEdit


  • He likes football (soccer)
  • He cries when he drinks.


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