Sanada Yuuki
Sanada Yuuki Anime
Japanese Name 真田 勇気
Rōmaji Name Sanada Yūki
Birthday October 12th
Gender Male
Height 175cm
Weight 121kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Occupation Student
Affiliation Ishigami High School
Manga Debut Chapter 8, Episode 5
Voice Actor Yoshito (Anime Japanese)
Anthony Bowling (Anime English)
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Sanada Yuuki (真田 勇気 Sanada Yūki?) is a student from Ishigami High School and the vice-captain of its sumo club.


Sanada Yuuki Full

Sanada's full appearance.

Sanada is a heavy set white skinned man with shaved black hair. He has black eyes and wears a pair of black glasses, which he removes during matches. He also He also wears a white sleeve on his right arm that covers his elbow. Like his teammates Sanada wears Ishigami High Sumo Club's mawashi belt which is beige in color with the exception of a single light,green stripe on the left side near the front.


Despite his imposing figure, he is very eloquent and soft-spoken. He is also known as the 'good cop' to Sada Mizuki, often mothering him. Yet, he can resort to false-starting for charge knockdowns just to gain psychological edge, prompting many of his juniors to think he was a reformed delinquent because he fought off many delinquents by himself using boxing techniques, and shouldered all blame to quit sumo club so others can train in peace.


He sometimes employ head games by deliberately false-starting to unsettle Ozeki. As well as his sumo skills, he also has decent boxing skills, as shown when he fought of delinquents without throwing anyone.



District Preliminary arcEdit

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  • His blood type is B.
  • He likes going to cat cafés
  • The Kanji for his name, Yuuki, means "Courage".


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