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|name= Ozeki Shinya
|name= Ozeki Shinya
|image= [[File:Ozeki Shinya.png|280px]]
|image= [[File:Ozeki Shinya School.png|280px]]
|kanji= 小関 信也
|kanji= 小関 信也
|romaji= Ozeki Shin'ya
|romaji= Ozeki Shin'ya

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Ozeki Shinya
Ozeki Shinya School
Japanese Name 小関 信也
Rōmaji Name Ozeki Shin'ya
Shikona Taroutachi Shinya
Birthday May 10th
Age 22 (post timeskip)
Gender Male
Height 172cm
Weight 146kg (post timeskip)
116kg (pre timeskip)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Occupation Sumo Wrestler
Student (formerly)
Affiliation Nagato Stable
Oodachi High School (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 1, Episode 1
Voice Actor Fukushi Ochiai (Japanese)
Tyson Rinehart (Anime English)
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Ozeki Shinya (小関 信也 Ozeki Shinya) is a third year student at Oodachi High School, as well as the captain of its sumo club.


Ozeki Shinya Full

Shinya's full appearance.

Shinya has dark, brown hair that is parted on both sides and is light skinned. While larger in size to that of Hinomaru, his body is actually very strong due to his constant training.


He is a sumo fanatic, to the point that he would meticulusly build a ring in the school yard after the dojo is taken over by delinquints. But, as the only

member of the sumo club before Hinomaru joined him, he is extremely timid, and scared of confronting bullies as he is often outnumbered. This also reflects his preference to fight in team competitions rather than individual battles.


Due to his great fundamentals, he has strong loins and legs. However, he loses often to Hinomaru due to his high center of gravity, making Hinomaru easy to throw him down. But against Sanada, who proactively fought off delinquents, Ozeki's defensive mindset helped him outlast Sanada, hitting the ground a split-second after Sanada. His endurance is often underestimated.



District Preliminary arc

Sumo Recruitment arc

Major Battles


  • His blood type is O.
  • His name, Ozeki, is also a rank in sumo below Yokozuna. Whether he actually became one remains to be seen.
  • According to Gojō Reina, he has a fantastic singing voice, even better than Otegine Tadashi, who had already recorded a CD.
  • He ranked 6th in the popularity poll
  • His hobbies include keeping tropical fish as pets, eating desserts and building scale models, especially castles.
  • Despite him being the only person weighing over 100kg at the beginning of the anime, he's a remarkably light eater. He can barely finish a large bowl of rice at buffet. However, when the team is ordered to eat to gain weight under Tsuji's orders, he still obliged. Instead, he prefers desserts.


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