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Ogawa Tokio
Ogawa Tokio.png
Japanese Name 尾川 登喜雄
Rōmaji Name Ogawa Tokio
Shikona Shunkai Tokio (駿海 登喜雄)
Birthday January 28th
Age 71
Gender Male
Height 184cm
Weight 136kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color
Occupation Sumo Wrester (retired)
Affiliation Nagato Stable
Manga Debut Chapter 84
Voice Actor
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Ogawa Tokio (尾川 登喜雄 Ogawa Tokio?) is a former Yokozuna. His shikona name is Shunkai Tokio.


Tokio's full appearance.

Ogawa is a tall elderly pale skinned man with white hair.


He seems mild-tempered but has a authoritative aura, and hates being asked to explain his intentions. Due to his humble beginnings, he often expects wrestlers to stretch their 100-yen budget as far as possible (which is even more difficult due to inflation), but it was actually a trick for him to figure out using the 100-yen to call for takeaways.

His training methods are often seemingly oppressive, making them do menial tasks without actually giving any advice, but it is his way to train smaller wrestlers like Hinomaru with otherwise limited means to survive, let alone win. Also, the reason he doesn't tell them exactly what is wrong is that they will never think for themselves. Outside of the ring, however, he has a perverted streak, often likes to having wrestlers bring the stables' managers along, mostly as eye candies.


In his prime, he was the most accomplished all-round yokozuna of his time. As a trainer, he already developed two yokozunas. Because of this, even sekitoris and amateurs revere him.



Major Battles[]


  • His blood type is A.
  • He enjoys golf, drinking, flirting and karaoke.