"Kunisaki Chihiro, the 'National Treasure Eater'. Call me that from now on...!"
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Kunisaki Chihiro
Kunisaki Chihiro
Japanese Name 國崎 千比路
Rōmaji Name Chihiro Kunisaki
Gender Male
Height 182cm
Weight 105kg
Hair Color Black and Green
Eye Color Black
Family Hyoudou Masato (older brother)
Occupation Highh School Student
Affiliation Oodachi High School
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Voice Actor

|} Kunisaki Chihiro (國崎 千比路 Chihiro Kunisaki) is a second year at Oodachi High School and a former member of its wrestling club. After his loss against Ushio Hinomaru, he joins the sumo club.




Kunisaki is an experienced fighter who seek to achieve the absolute top of the MMA world.

Before getting into the sumo, he already was renowned as the national champion of High School in Wrestling.[1]

He demonstrated multiple times to have an overwhelming talent for martial arts, being described as a genius by both Ushio Hinomaru and Sada Mizuki.[2]

Despite the fact that he was practicing sumo for only a few months, during the Inter-High Tournament his skill level was already equated with that of a [[Category:National Treasure|national treasure]], considering that he had been able to defeat two of them – Hikage Tenma[3] and Kanou Akihira[4] – throughout the champioship.


As a child his older brother took the things that mattered to him, messed them up and left.[5] Masato would always start something after Chihiro, become better at it and then leave.[6]

When he was in fifth grade elementary, his parents divorced and he went with his mother.[7]


Major Battles



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