Kinkaizan Hayato is one of the current ozeki, and is currently the second most successful Mongolian wrestler, behind Jinou.


Kinkaizan is 1,85 m tall and weighs 159 Kg, which makes him somewhat leaner than other wrestlers like Juzumaru or Ookabuto. His hair has several widow's peaks, he has small, deep-set eyes and has no eyebrows.


While relatively little is known about him, what is seen is that he is a family man that wants to make his wife and children proud, and won't stop until he proves it. He seemed a bit embarrassed about showing affection to his family in front of others, though. 



  • He plays the morin khuur (Mongolian: морин хуур), also known as a horse-head fiddle, which has two strings made from horse hair. He played it at the hospital where his wife is to cheer her up.
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