Kanou Akihira

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Kanou Akihira Post Timeskip

Japanese Name 加納 彰平
Rōmaji Name
Epithet Ookanehira (大包平)
Shikona Ookanehira (大包平)
Birthday December 15th
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 189cm
Weight 114kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color
Family Father
Occupation Sumo Wrestler
Student (formerly)
Affiliation Asahigawa Stable
Eigadai University (formerly)
Tottori Hakurou High School (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 115
Voice Actor
Kanou Akihira is a student from Tottori Hakurou High School and a member of its sumo club.

Appearance Edit

Kanou Akihira Full

Kanou's full appearance.

Kanou is a tall muscular young man with black eyes. He has straightened blonde hair and generally expresses a focused expression. He sports Tottori Hakurou Sumo Club's typical mawashi belt which is dark blue in color with a single light green stripe on the left side.

Personality Edit

Despite his seemingly dismissive attitude towards sumo, and never talks about himself at interviews, he hates losing more than anybody. Given that he has witnessed so many promising sumo wrestlers' careers end in disappointment despite years of hard work, including that of his own father, who never became a yokozuna as a professional, and him never surpassing Tennoji.

He also harbors a great deal of resentment over being treated always as second-best, or not acknowledged as a National Treasure and possible tournament winner, especially by Tennouji and Jin'ou, which leads to incredibly dangerous, reckless behavior.

Abilities Edit

He is a counter-attacking wrestler. Using a half-stance that can grab loincloths with one hand while staying high enough to feint charges, and gives him extra room to throw. But it leave his chest exposed for quick strikes, which Kunisaki and Hikage Tenma exploits using their Flash Strikes.



Major BattlesEdit

Kanou Akihira vs. Kunisaki Chihiro

Trivia Edit

  • He enjoys swimming and cooking.
  • When he loses, he fries a large batch of karaage (double-fried chicken) . He enjoys trying out new flavors, but he hates it when people steal one of his pieces before frying it for the second time. Even Jin'ou himself can't resist the temptation, which leads to a comical reaction.
  • He uses soft contact lenses while fighting, but reverts to glasses outside the ring.