Hyoudou Masato
Hyoudou Masato Anime
Japanese Name 兵藤 真磋人
Rōmaji Name
Shikona Daihannya Nagamitsu
Birthday August 9th
Age 22 (Post Timeskip)
Gender Male
Height 186cm
Weight 128kg
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Teal
Family Kunisaki Chihiro (younger brother)
Occupation Sumo Wrestler
Student (formerly)
Affiliation Minagawa Stable
Eigadai Affiliated High School (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 123
Voice Actor

Hyoudou Masato is a member of the Eigadai Affiliated High School Sumo Club. Becoming a professional Sumo Wrestler he joined the Minagawa Stable.


Hyoudou Masato Full

Hyoudou's full appearance.

Like his younger brother, Kunisaki, Hyoudou is a large, muscular dark skinned man with sharp black eyes. He has long, black hair (greenish where the light hits) and a black beard. His most unique feature is a long crescent scar that runs across the top part of his face above his nose. During matches he wears Eigadai Sumo Club's mawashi which is red in color.


He's extremely confident in his abilities, and has the strength to back up his talk, but his flashiness and loud mouth make others call him an idiot.

According to Chihiro, his sole goal is to take up anything Chihiro does, beat him, then promptly quit, which angers Chihiro greatly.


Having only done sumo for 2 years, his level of sumo is on par with his brother and many Nation Treasures. He is also very athletically gifted, probably more so than Chihiro. However, given his arrogance or tricky, he often is oblivious to the rules of sumo, and conceding losses in the most idiotic ways possible. This is also why he never got a moniker of his own. Like Chihiro, he also competes in many different sports like soccer, basketball, judo and boxing.


As a child he took the things that mattered to his younger brother, messed them up and left.[1] Masato would always start something after Chihiro, become better at it and then leave.[2]

When his parents divorced, he went with his father.[3]

After joining Eigadai Affiliated High School, he wandered from club to club after causing trouble and being driven out. When he finally arrived at the Sumo Club he picked a fight and lost at his own game. Masato stayed at the Sumo Club, working hard he aimed to become a regular.[4]


Major BattlesEdit




  • His blood type is B.


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