Japanese Name 日景 優清
Rōmaji Name Hikage Yūsei
Shikona Daikeishou Yūsei (大景勝 優清)
Age 29 (Pre Timeskip)
33 (Post Timeskip)
Gender Male
Height 189cm
Weight 155kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Family Hikage Tenma (brother)
Occupation Sumo Wrestler (retired)
Affiliation Suzugatake Stable
Manga Debut Chapter 101
Voice Actor
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Hikage Yūsei (日景 優清?) is the older brother of Hikage Tenma. His shikona name is Daikeishou Yūsei (大景勝 優清?). He was known as the closest japanese to the positon of Yokozuna as an Ozeki. After injuring his right knee in bout with Jinou, he retired from active competition. Taking up the master name of "Ootomo" he provides assitance in the running of the Suzugatake Stable.

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  • His hobby is karaoke and cleaning things, something he shares with his younger brother.

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