The following is a list of sumo terms used in the manga and anime Hinomaru Zumo.

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  • Aharite: Slapping the opponent with a open hand.


  • Buchikamashi: Head hitting technique.


  • Chirichouzu: Also known as ritual squatting and clapping of the hands. You purify your hands from the dust in the air. You also show to the people that you don't "hold anything" in both extended hands. It is a fair and square declaration of intents.


  • Dohyo: Is the ring in which sumo wrestling bouts are held.
  • Dojo: Is the formal training place for any sport.


  • Hyaki Nagi (One Hundred Demons Scythe): Underarm grip on belt throw and twisting underarm throw.


  • Jougen no Tsuki (Waxing Mooon): A over arm grip throw on an opponent's belt. This is a move used by Sada Mizuki.


  • Kachiage: To pound the opponent upwards.
  • Kagen no Tsuki (Falling Moon): A over arm grip throw on an opponent's belt. This is used by Sada Mizuki.
  • Ketaguri: Pulling inside ankle sweep.


  • Loincloth: Also known as Mawashi, is what competitors wear during training or in competition.


  • Maesabaki: To knock away the opponents hands in order to achieve an advantageous position.
  • Meitou: Swords of sufficient quality to earn individual names.
  • Migiyotsu: A hold in which both wrestlers obtain a underarm grip with the right hand and an overarm grip with the left.


  • Nimai Goshi: A posture in which the legs are firmly planted.


  • Oyakata (Person Like Father): Title of a Stable Master and a respectful way to refer to someone.
  • Oni no Takadono (The Demon's Watchtower): Underarm grip and inner thigh throw. This is a move used by Ushio Hinomaru.
  • Oniarashi (Demon Storm): Twisting underarm throw. This is a move used by Ushio Hinomaru.
  • Oniguruma: Underarm grip on belt throw. This is a move used by Ushio Hinomaru.
  • Oniguruma-Hakei: Beltless arm throw.
  • Oozeki: The second-highest rank of sumo wrestlers just below Yokozuna.
  • Orochi Dachi: An overarm throw. This move is used by Kuze Sōsuke and formerly Yamatokuni.
  • Orochi Tachi (Orochi Cut): Outside arm throw. This is a move used by Kuze Sōsuke.
  • Ottsuke: Technique of holding one's opponent's arm to prevent him from getting a hold of one's belt.


  • Railroading: To send your opponent out of the ring from the initial charge in a straight line.
  • Ryuubi Gari (Dragon's Tail Hunt): Inside leg trip. This is a move used by Kariya Shun.


  • Sekiwake: The third highest rank of sumo wrestlers.
  • Shiko: The exercise where each leg in succession is lifted as and as straight as possible. Then brought down to stomp on the ground with considerable force.
  • Shikona: A shikona is a sumo wrestler's ring name.


  • Tatakicomi: The action to hit someone into something.
  • Teppo: Is a wooden pole used to practice sumo.


  • Yokozuna: The highest rank of sumo wrestlers.
  • Yuso (Championship): It is awarded, to the wrestler who wins the most number of bouts.
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