The Refreshing Sumo Wrestler, Sada Mizuki (さわやか☆力士 沙田美月 Sawayaka ☆ Rikishi Sada Mizuki?) is the 5th episode in the Hinomaru Zumou anime series.


The Dachi High sumo club will be practicing with Ishigami High School in the next down. Ishigami High School is a powerhouse which took second in the Kanto sumo tournament. The former middle school yokozuna, national treasure Mikazuki Munechika, Sada Mizuki is enrolled there. Hinomaru hoped to fight Sada, but Tsuji gives Hinomaru somewhere else to go. Meanwhile, Chihiro, forced to take remedial class for failing his midterm, encounters a mysterious sumo scout from another school.


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