Enoki Shintarou
Enoki Shintarou Anime
Japanese Name 榎 晋太郎
Rōmaji Name
Birthday February 16
Gender Male
Height 174cm
Weight 82kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Occupation Student
Affiliation Tottori Hakurou High School
Manga Debut Chapter 115, Episode 9
Voice Actor
Enoki Shintarou is a student from Tottori Hakurou High School and a member of its sumo club.


Enoki Shintarou Full

Enoki's full appearance.

Enoki is an average size pale skinned, young man with calm black eyes. He has long black hair that is styled with two especially long bangs that hang down on both sides of his face. He wears Tottori Hakurou Sumo Club's typical mawashi belt which is dark blue in color with a single light green stripe on the left side. During the Inter high Preliminary matches he was seen wearing his typical school uniform consisting of a white buttoned shirt and black pants.



Like Kei Mitsuhashi, he is considered short and skinny by sumo wrestler's standards. He is known as a technician, as he has a black belt in aikido, often shifting quickly behind opponents, threatening a wrestling throw, but utilizing a wrist lock before doing so. This discipline upsets opponent's center of gravity regardless of size, which helps him against bigger opponents. Another way he counters, especially against Ozeki, is seemingly charging head-on, but changes angles and timing by very small margin, so opponents cannot react in time. However, his weakness is his mental focus. Because he often feels he is subservient and indebted to Tennoji, he would often try to finish bouts early so he can advance (or in the case of Inter High, win early, so Tennoji can have a rematch against Kuze in the final of the team battle). But he was able to reverse a throw by grabbing Ozeki's leg for extra leverage to win.


Enoki trained in the same dojo as Tennoji in Osaka since Enoki was in middle school, though he tried to quit 5 years ago because his skills were lacking against his peers. However Tennoji noticed his strong wrists, unique frontal defense and quick recovery to start a new bout after taking a fall, and offered advice of him refining his aikido skills instead of trying to fight directly with sumo skills.


Major BattlesEdit


  • Enoki Shintarou is A Bloodype.


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