Daniel Stefanov
Daniel Stefanov.png
Japanese Name ダニエル・ステファノフ
Rōmaji Name
Birthday November 24th
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 199cm
Weight 131kg
Hair Color
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eigadai Affiliated High School
Manga Debut Chapter 98, Episode 3
Voice Actor Justin Tomimori (Anime Japanese)
Dave Trosko (Anime English)
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}}Daniel Stefanov is a student from Eigadai Affiliated High School and a member of its sumo club.


Daniel's full appearance.

Daniel is a foreigner from Bulgaria. He is light skinned and possesses a large muscular build with neck-length blonde hair. His mawashi is red in color. When seen outside the sumo club his attire usually consists of a large red jumpsuit.


He is the the second most laid-back wrestler in the team, and often given teammates English nicknames, even when he doesn't speak English. He also speaks Japanese in only honorific speech, even with his friends, or people younger than him.

He is naturally popular with girls, because it is an anomaly to have Caucasian sumo wrestlers in Japan.


His record is the opposite to Yomoda Jin. He has never won a bout in individual competitions, but as a foreigner, he also cannot gain National Treasure monikers.

Despite his tall physique, he stated he was weak, as he still hasn't won an individual bout. Like Ozeki, he also cared more about persevering in the sport despite the poor winning record, especially when they each have a yokozuna-level wrestler to try and eventually dethrone as a goal.

Skill-wise, he has no idea how to maximize his height and weight advantage, but manges to use left-arm clamp that is perfected by Yamatokuni and his son, Kuze Sōsuke.



Major Battles


  • He is a Bulgarian exchange student.
  • He is the second tallest wrestler in the series thus far.
  • He enjoys football and touring Japanese temples. His interest in Japanese culture came from watching Yamatokuni's bouts.
  • His nickname is Danny, and his unoffical moniker (because foreigners cannot attain a National TReasure moniker) is Holy Sword - Excalibur.
  • He learns Japanese through picture books, and doesn't speak English.


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