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|shikona = Hakurou Shou
|shikona = Hakurou Shou
|nickname= Bat
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|affiliation= Shibakiyama Stable<br>[[Tottori Hakurou High School]] (formerly)
|affiliation= Shibakiyama Stable<br>[[Tottori Hakurou High School]] (formerly)
|debut= [[Chapter 63]]
|debut= [[Chapter 63]]
|gallery= Yes}}'''Batomf Batbayar''' is a student from [[Tottori Hakurou High School]] and a member of its sumo club.
|gallery= Yes}}
'''Batomf Batbayar''' is a student from [[Tottori Hakurou High School]] and a member of its sumo club.

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Batomf Batbayar

Batomf Batbayar.png

Batomf Batbayar Post Timeskip.png

Japanese Name バトムンフ・バトバヤル
Rōmaji Name
Shikona Hakurou Shou
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Sumo Wrestler
High School Student (formerly)
Affiliation Shibakiyama Stable
Tottori Hakurou High School (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 63
Voice Actor
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Batomf Batbayar is a student from Tottori Hakurou High School and a member of its sumo club.


Batomf's full appearance.

Batomf is an a young foreigner from Mongolia. He has dark colored skinned and is quite muscular. He has slanted black eyes and dark blue hair. He wears Tottori Hakurou Sumo Club's typical mawashi belt which is dark blue in color. During the Inter high Preliminary matches, he had a cast on one of his arms and was seen wearing his typical school uniform consisting of a white buttoned shirt and black pants.


Despite being an exchange student, he has an excellent command of Japanese. However, he finds Japanese wrestlers' skills declining, often proclaiming Mongolian wrestler to be better.


He is noted to have a diverse set of techniques, mixing Mongolian grappling techniques with more traditional sumo throwing styles. This is because there are no rings, and thus no force-outs in Mongolian wrestling, you can only win by throwing opponents to the ground,meaning he specializes in fighting in close. This made him the first ever foreign high school student to take the only foreigner's spot as a first year. He defended the spot as a second year.




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