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Araki Gennosuke
Araki Gennosuke Anime.png
Japanese Name 荒木 源之助
Rōmaji Name Araki Gen'nosuke
Birthday January 18th
Gender Male
Height 179cm
Weight 86kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Occupation Student
Affiliation Ishigami High School
Manga Debut Chapter 45, Episode 5
Voice Actor Daisuke Namikawa (Anime Japanese)
Jarrod Greene (Anime English)
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Araki Gennosuke (荒木 源之助 Araki Gen'nosuke?) is a first year student from Ishigami High School and a member of its sumo club. He is the unknown 5th member, as Tsuji didn't see him at Ishigami High.


Araki's Full appearance.

Araki is a tall, buff, young man with light skin. He has gray eyes and black hair which is shaved with various lines running across the top and sides. His mawashi belt is beige in color.



Overhead Judo Throw


He was a national judo champion during middle school.[1] He met Kunisaki Chihiro, thinking Hinomru would be in the dojo, but he when he slept as he waited, Kunisaki Chihiro, who finished his remedial class due to poor grade, slapped him to wake him up. They proceeded to have a match with onlookers. Kunisaki managed to recover from his overhand judo throw, but he was unable to counter attack as the match was interrupted.

Before Araki left, he also expresses desire to become an MMA fighter, which he accused Kunisaki Chihiro of copying his career path.

It was revealed during the preliminary tournament that he was suspended due to delinquency.


Major Battles[]


  • His blood type is AB.


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